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Import animals for fattening and slaughter

Our company provides all possible solutions for better customer service.

We import animals from approved units from abroad  and with all the necessary precautions and modern trucks we convey to our stables. In an area 4.000 square meters which can accommodate up to 1500 animals in two independent units, we hospite  and breed the animals and follow their progress.
The feeding takes place in two units and the final stage of feed production is completed immediately. The animal can be sold during it’s life or to follow the process of slaughter and sold as meat.
Still, we can import  the animals in a customer order and deliver them directly to his company. If the client wishes  the fattening of the animal in his unit, we also offer this feature.
We undertake the process of slaughtering,the cutting in quarters and delivery of meat, always under costumer instructions and needs.
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