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Animal Stables

  • Fattening Animals Unit
    In perfect housed and guarded places the animals are kept for fattening. Daily, qualified staff watches over their progress.

  • Classification of cattles
    Classification of animals according to species

  • Feed Production Unit
    In two separate areas is the production of animal feed in order to fatten animals. The feed meet all standards for better growth of the animals.

  • Truck scale
    Truck scales are large scales, usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation, that are used to weigh entire vehicles and their contents. By weighing the vehicle both empty and when loaded, the load carried by the vehicle can be calculated.

  • Trucks transport of live animals
    The animals are transported with modern trucks of our company. We ensure the safe movement by fulfilling all health standards

  • Offices
    Our offices in a modern design, are always available for collaborators, we welcome each customer and respond to every query.

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